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  • February Iridology Clinic
    February Iridology Clinic
    By Appointment
    By Appointment
    Thrive , 18 Kent St W, Lindsay, ON K9V 2Y1, Canada
    By Appointment
    Thrive , 18 Kent St W, Lindsay, ON K9V 2Y1, Canada
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The Sunny Almost Acre

Homestead & Medicine Gardens

Hi, I'm Cait and this is my family. Welcome to our homestead and Medicine Gardens.


In November of 2019, I moved my family from the big city to the heart of Kawartha Lakes, where the hills roll, the corn is high, and the sunsets are beautiful. Our little log home stole my heart the moment I saw it as I imagined my linens on the clothesline, chickens foraging at my feet, and babies running through the sumacs on a hot summer day.

On just shy of an acre, my family and I are returning to the land for sustenance. We have built a homestead here that provides us with food, natural remedies, and endless amounts of love. With the guidance and grace of our ancestors, my husband and I are raising our children to know how to live off the land.

We want to share our harvests, medicines, learnings, and memories with you. Here at The Sunny Almost Acre, we want to inspire you to walk gently and find a way to connect to the land. 

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Why Naturopathy

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Dry Leaf
Flower Plants

Explore both in person and online offerings to expand your knowledge, listen to your spirit, and connect with the land and others. Here you will find plant teachings, self-care tools, recipes, and seasonal content to keep you grounded.

Grown and foraged with intention and humility, the medicines that surround our homestead are gently crafted to support spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental wellness. Everything is hand crafted in small batches together as a family.


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