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Winter Spirit Revival course is BACK and better than before.


Our internal cycles are reflected by the land. A ‘New Year’ throws our spirit into an aimless search for new beginnings yet, our surroundings stay the same. In a state of rest is where we will find comfort. ❄️


What you are feeling is your spirit desperately reminding you to simplify and slow your days. It is a time of rest and rejuvenation. This is not a time for detox dieting (when is it ever!?) or resolutions. ❄️


This 5 week guided journey was written for you. Your spirit is trying to break free from these abstract constructs and lead you to a place of warmth, balance, and connection. ❄️


Together we will walk through lighting your inner fire, finding warmth, building your den, exploring balance, and finding medicine in this winter season. ❄️


You will receive:

Instant download of the course

A Group Energy Reading Session 

Warming Simmer Pot Blend

Immune Boosting Tea

Rose Oil Infusion

Winter Animal Spirit Guide teachings

Warming Recipes

Winter Foraging Guide

Private group to connect with sacred community 



You WILL find comfort here. Join me and a beautiful group of restless spirits aching for the comfort that comes from listening to the land. ❄️


Private Group page opens January 2nd to begin our 5 week journey. 

Please send your mailing address so I can mail you your medicines!

Winter Spirit Revival Course

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