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Iridology Consultation

Holistic Health Assessment

  • 45 minutes
  • 80 Canadian dollars
  • Virtual Appointment

Service Description

Iridology is the analysis of the delicate structures of the iris in the eye. The iris is connected to every organ and tissue of the body through the brain and the nervous system. Nerve fibres in the iris respond to changes in body tissues to reveal strengths and weaknesses in the body. Our eyes act as a window to what is going on in our body. An assessment with an Iriddologist is a non-invasive way to understand what is happening inside. In our session together you will receive: 1) an in-depth consultation to: 2) Identify your genetic constitution. 3) Understand your constitution and how to best manage your health. 4) Analysis of your left and right iris. 5) Recommendations for treatment for identified areas (holistic medicine) In advance of your consultation, you will need to send pictures of your iris for analysis. STEP 1: Iris Photos with a Digital Camera Use the Macro setting on the camera. Set the resolution to 2784 x 1568 or 2208 x 1248. (Fine) Turn on the Flash. Use indoor daylight. Stand sideways from a window to avoid glare. Steady the camera, either with a freind assisting or by using a tripod. A timer also works well. Make sure your entire iris is visible (hold the upper and lower eyelids open). Take several singe shot photos of each iris and select the best. Make sure your eye is close to the camera. When using the Macro setting, you can be 4-5 inches from the lens. STEP 2: Checking Photos for Lighting and Clarity Use the screen of your camera to Zoom in on the iris. Be sure that the iris image is clear (as per examples below); if not, steady the camera and retake the photographs. If the iris image does not have the required detail, try again. If the entire iris is not visible, try again. If there is significant glare on the iris, turn your body slightly away from the window and try again. STEP 3: Attaching Final Iris Photo Results You may crop the photos so only the eye is visible if you need to reduce the file size. Alternatively, attach the entire photo. You can attach your clearest 2 photos of the Left Eye. You can attach your clearest 2 photos of the Right Eye. Email your pictures to with your first and last name in the subject of the email.

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